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The importance to share the present and
to have timely forecast

A tactical dashboard available on the web and iPad, anywhere
We can connect your legacy system

Increase performance, eliminate waste
Kiboard™ is business app running on a Cloud platform designed for managers and directors to increase efficiency of the processes aimed to take under control company’ activities and performance.
Graphical dashboard and analytic data with simple and timely information to analyze running cost of activities, development, research and any other time and cost dependent activities. We have simplified the control with a “bottom-up” approach, from the single activity to the manager.

Learn in advance to improve the decisions
The Kiboard™ model is based on giving the actual information, the potential information in terms of cost and delivery (where we should be..) and lets the manager performs simulations to overcome anomalies. Kiboard™ completes the dashboard with lots of functionalities, for example:
  • analytic and aggregate data
  • reporting “just in time” for projects and units
  • running use of economic resources
  • forecast about projects and unit budgets
  • messaging e push notifications
  • documents sharing
  • historical timeline of the projects
Kiboard™ is a business app for Apple iPad connected using SSL channel to a remote server on a Cloud environment. Without network coverage, in offline mode Kiboard™ guarantees the same performance, even during a flight.

"Lean thinking"
Lean is a management philosophy derived mostly from the Toyota Production System (TPS). Essentially, it is a production practice that considers the expenditure of resources for any goal other than the creation of value to be wasteful, and thus a target for elimination.
Kiboard™ follows Lean’s principles, by reducing waste coming from long and complex analysis, reducing time to get and share information and delivering it just in time. Kiboard™ answers in real time to the needs of understand in advance any deviation of efficiency of the production/development and the immediate impact over budget data.

Kiboard™ can also simplify the problem solving, in particular helping managers to apply the A3 process, the problem solving approach designed by Toyota.

Small and large companies
Kiboard™ answers to the needs of both small and enterprise companies.

In case of Enterprises, Kiboard™ can be connected to company’s systems (Legacy, Project Management System, ERP…) to drive out the information from the main system. The configuration of the software connectors can be done usually in 4 weeks, following the Customer needs in terms of server environment and security roles. Advancé technologies works with high efficiently model with the Customer for both prior analysis of the needs and development to find out the best technical and functional solution.

In case of small business, Kiboard™ can be used as the unique system for company management and control, as it supports even planning for human resource. An efficient and effective web platform, simplify the configuration of the company data and of the information to get on the iPad.

Push notification
The “bottom-up” approach: from the single information to the manager. Push notification in Kiboard™ helps managers to be updated just in time about any events which can generates deviation of efficiency and can have impact over budget data.

Advancé technologies expertise
Advancé technologies collaborates from more than 10 years with large and global companies.
During the years, we have developed particular ability in the monitoring of software development and the definition of the metrics which can improve the efficiency of the control process and delivery.

Kiboard™ projects has been designed by observing the needs of managers and the definition of the model we developed, which are based on Lean and fast approach, with data always available.

Kiboard service is provided by
Advancé technologies Hungary kft
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