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Data and reporting “just on time”

The possibility to have quickly the information about the company’s activities and costs is a competitive advantage for all the companies, especially for those who generates earnings from variable production activities or generally from projects.

The temporary organization of a project, due its intrinsic characteristics, generates a variability depending of the implementation phase that follows a preliminary estimation and evaluation. However accurate it may be, the implementation phase will inevitably deviate from the estimation phase, and therefore there will be the need to manage any impact that may arise from such variability.

It will be winning that company who will govern promptly any variability in time and decide how to act or change to achieve the expected results. It often happens that many companies need to conduct incessant and weekly meetings to check the progress of the activities and share reporting, with a substantial commitment of all corporate resources that in some way have an interest in the project. Even more, many companies generates reports and periodic summary to assess the impacts on the budget that may arise from activities that are discovered longer than expected, or that suddenly undergo a change due issues external to the project.

The management, for role and competence, have to be informed promptly of any variability, threat and risk, but often the information does not arrive within the time expected. It happens due the time needed to generate and communicate the summary data, the one that may allow an assessment of non-expected events (also called "crossing time" information or "lead time").

Kiboard project stems from managers who work in planning and control since over 10 years, and have experienced first the need of a management tactic. Over the years, they have designed control tools for the more efficient management actions, enhancing the processes common to all project activities.

Kiboard aims to reduce the time needed to share and control by providing an overview of the information needed to evaluate the progress of the activities and the impacts of the project management on the project itself, on the human resources and the budget of the project and the related department.

In order to make informed decisions and to exercise rational control, it is necessary to compare what actually happened vs what you expected to happen vs could happen later (including any issues and risks). Is therefore essential to have a constant flow of information that provide an overview of the progress and simple and effective monitoring systems for the sharing of such information. The access to the data always available allows you to be updated constantly even out of your office, with the advantage of being able to have the same information available to all the functions involved in the project and therefore potentially to speed up and reduce the time of meetings and meetings.

The main objective of Kiboard is to improve the tactical control entrusted to managers and to provide an indication on the expectation of the project, human resources and the budget available.

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