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A better control of human resources

The success of an organization increasingly depends on human resources management and strategies related to generate in the staff a strong sense of stability and active management. The organization builds its success thanks to the collaboration of the people who make possible to achieve the objectives, pursuing business goals and allowing the company to generate profits.

Very often, the companies do not have a precise control of the assets entrusted to internal resources and the past, present and future allocation in terms of volume and return on investment. The variability of the project activities or the variable nature of the activities conducted by the company can generate loads of work outside normal office hours, and therefore it is necessary to manage and control.

There are situations in which the company is unable to assess the trend of performance in relation to the number of activities carried out, thus limiting the assessment and development of people. Knowing how to motivate, engage and enhance the staff becomes a differentiator over the competition and determines the success or failure of the industrial project. In certain situations, you need simple and effective monitoring systems to enable an assessment of the tasks assigned to the human resources and the potential greater or lesser allocation in the short term.

Many studies on the world of HR have shown as the large organizations do not invest in computerized data management, human resources and apply techniques and tools of HR or Business Intelligence tools evaluation, development and monitoring. Some companies manage personnel data with tools inadequate, outdated or basic as spreadsheets, with no interest in management systems and multi-dimensional analysis and especially without integration with other systems. It might be interesting to note that the performance of some people are lower in projects managed by the project manager Smith and higher in projects managed by the manager Wilson. At the same time, it might be interesting to evaluate that the indicator for workloads (low or high) suggests a possible future threat.

Kiboard evaluates the allocation of human resources in the project, with data and graphics of synthesis related to allocation in the period of the project as a whole and for the fiscal year of all projects in which the resource is involved. Preferential access to this information allows you to evaluate the allocation for the project, in all projects with the indication of the manager responsible and hours worked by a person in the specific project. The navigation of the data provided by Kiboard allow to access further details. For example, it is possible to analyze a specific project starting from a summary report.

The return on investment is the value created by the resource in relation to its use in business operations. From the point of view of performance analysis, this information is difficult of representation using only the "technical data" of the projects (in fact, contribute numerous quality indicators in the evaluation of performance). The planning of activities for the resource in relation to its total annual cost allows a first evaluation of the activities to assign to the resource in order to sustain its cost.

Kiboard allows you to quickly evaluate this indicator and verify the occupancy rate of all assigned tasks in relation to the total annual cost. In case of search of a resource with specific expertise that have to be included in a project, it will therefore be easy to assess which resources are available in the desired period without involving in the first analysis other business line.

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