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Technical dashboard and reporting

The ability to access quickly the information of corporate activities and related costs data represents a competitive advantage for all companies, especially for those organizations that achieve their results from project activities.

Information about the status of the activities, the related cost data and state of the budget, represent the set of knowledge that must always be readily available in the company in order to make aware and rational decisions and to respond quickly to external threats or internal weaknesses. Even more, these information must be linked together to allow cross-analysis ranging from high-level summary data to analytical data, in order to detect the source of any inefficiency ("drill down" of the information).

The chief financial officer (CFO), for example, has an interest in quickly assess the budget situation of a specific department in relation to the figure estimated for a given period, and maybe at the same time involve the project manager or department to understand the reasons of a deviation statement. It is therefore necessary that the system can easily allow the CFO to be able to "jump" from summary reports to the program or project, noting the progress made and the reference of those responsible for further study.

A system able to respond to the needs of planning and control and of cost analysis can have a very high economic impact. Imagine to have a system able to perform analysis on the activities assigned to the staff, evaluate at the same time the cost of allocation, the budget of the related project/program, the budget of the cost center (owner of the project) and generally of the entire company.

Kiboard has focused attention on these issues and functionalities, drawing an easy to use application with reports available "just in time", anywhere and with integrated information to meet the different needs of analysis and control.

There are well-known business situations in which the management needs a summary report and details of some activities, or planned closure of certain project activities. Often these reports are generated on demand and their processing time does not allow an immediate assessment of the data, with the result of creating a time delay between analysis and subsequent action (so-called "crossing time" information or "lead time"). Worse, the situation in which different business functions must agree on particular decisions and formulate corrective actions based on joint data and reports. In these occasions, further to the time of report generation must be added the organizational difficulties.

Kiboard is designed to enable the various departments to have the data available at the same time, with the same platform and with the same detail of analysis and control (less any rules of accessibility and protection of data).

From iPad you can access, for example, the situation of the budget of any departments and its forecast closure, calculated using the status of ongoing and planned activities. At the same time, it is easy to perform analysis on the projects’ dashboard. Depending on the specific role, you can view the progress of a given project, phase or task and analyze the allocation of resources that contribute to the success of the project.

The main objective is to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of tactical control in order to optimize business results and increase the performance of management in planning and control.

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